Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dana White: "Rampage Will Fight."

Here are a few comments from Dana White about the "Rampage" Jackson situation. He also touches on the possibility of Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko in the UFC:

As long as we're at it, here's another recent video in which Dana basically says the same things he always does about the future of the UFC and his place in it. The interviewer doesn't let him off the hook too easily, though:


  1. What was the beef between Dana and Tito? I always thought his biggest fight was with Coture?

  2. Oh man, it was pretty epic. It involved a lot of Dana calling Tito a talentless moron, and tons of Tito calling Dana a greedy backstabber.

    I don't know if the public was ever privy to what initially started their fight, but at one point they were actually supposed to scrap it out on Spike TV to resolve it. They were scheduled to box each other for three rounds (Dana is a former amateur boxer), then Tito didn't show up.

    He claimed that he didn't want to punch his own boss in the face unless he could get paid more for it. Fair enough, I guess.

    Maybe the worst part about the whole feud was that the UFC began temporarily acting as if Tito wasn't one of their most dominant champs and most marketable fighters. If you watched the UFC's Best 100 fights on Spike you won't have seen a single one in which Tito wins. That's because the UFC didn't make those fights available for the fans to vote on.

    Anyway, Tito is now back with the UFC. So he and Dana must have realized that they can each make more money together than they can separately.

    Tito is also returning from successful back surgery. He says he's ready to get back to his old ways of dominant wrestling and vicious ground-and-pound. He's scheduled to fight Mark "The Hammer" Coleman in the co-main event at UFC 106 this November.