Thursday, March 11, 2010

KOTC: Uprising II -- Weigh-In Results

After conducting a speedy and successful weigh-in, King Of The Cage: Uprising II is all set to go for Friday night at Nanaimo's Frank Crane Arena at 7:00pm.
The event's lead promoter, KOTC's John Cooper, said he thought the weight ins went very well and expressed excitement about the co-main event, "The Marcus Vinicios/Bastien Huveneers fight almost didn't happen, but that one's going to happen now, so I'm excited about that. Once I saw those two guys face off, I think now that it has potential for fight of the night. Overall, I think this is going to be a very competitive card."

Cooper went on to pick a couple more stand-out fights to watch on the card, "Obviously the main event with Charlie Zak and Gavin Neil should be a pretty exciting stand-up match....and then the other big fight is the Tarek Gabali/Rob Bostone fight. Those guys were supposed to fight a couple other times before and it didn't happen. So finally they're going to face down and, unofficially, were' considering that one as a 155 contender fight. Obviously there are not guarantees, but there's a good chance the winner will get the next title shot against the winner of Neil vs. Zak.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the King Of The Cage's actual physical cage did not successfully make the journey from Vernon , B.C. to Nanaimo. Like so many before him, KOTC President Ken Kapsch failed to successfully navigate B.C.'s Coquihalla connector and ended up stranding the cage in the interior. Luckily, a promotion form Vancouver stepped up with a slightly smaller cage that will be used in Nanaimo this Saturday.

Main Event:

155lbs.: Charlie Zak 153.8lbs. vs. Gavin Neil 154lbs.

International Super-Fight:

185lbs.: Bastien Huneneers 183lbs. vs. Marcus Vinicios 183lbs.

Main Card:

180lbs.: Nolan Clark 179.8lbs. vs. Garet Davis 177lbs.

155lbs.: Tarek Gabali 156lbs. vs. Rob Bastone 152.4lbs.

185lbs.: George Texeira 177.4lbs. vs. Ryan Ballingal 182.2lbs.

185lbs.: Clint VanRossum 174.4lbs. vs. David Perron 184.2lbs.

185lbs.: George McCredie 183lbs. vs. Ryan Janes 182lbs.

Preliminary Card:

170lbs.: Dan Laughey 166lbs. vs. Zach Bye 167.6lbs.

190lbs.: Brendon Kornberger 190.4 vs. Troy Hardy 188.8

155lbs.: Greg Church 154lbs. vs. Pendragon Smith 155lbs.

155lbs.: Jordan Knippleberge 154.2lbs. vs. David Krawczyk 158lbs*

* Was given additional time to make the weight.

175lbs.: Dan Ring 173.2 vs. Aaron Bourcier 175lbs.

Unfortunately, Upneet Rai will not appear at KOTC: Uprising II because Cam Deleurme failed to appear at the weigh-ins in Nanaiamo, citing an inability to make the contracted weight.

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