Monday, March 8, 2010

WEC 47: Fall-Out Videos and Pics

Three big stories came out of WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz this past Saturday.

In a pair of massive upsets, Dominick Cruz (15-1) defeated the 135lb. champion Brian Bowles (8-1) to become the new bantamweight king, and Joseph Benavidez (12-1) cut former pound-for-pound ranked Miguel Torres (37-3) wide open [graphic pics below] before finishing with a guilotine.

Finally, Jens Pulver (22-13-1), who is now 1-7 in his last eight fights, battled valiantly in a losing effort against Javier Vasquez (14-4) in what will almost undoubtedly be the last world-class fight of "Lil' Evil's" career. Does anyone else think he should at least be considered for the UFC hall-of-fame? The guy basically helped pioneer lighter weight fights and was the UFC's first 155lb. champion.

Videos and pictures below:

Dominic Cruz talks to's T.J. DeSantis about winning the title with (at least) two broken bones:

Via his Twitter account, Miguel Torres has released pictures of the gnarly cut he sustained from a well-placed Benavidez elbow. I am not making any sort of judgement, but cuts like these are exactly why elbows on the ground are outlawed in both Strikeforce and DREAM:

Finally, the some of the finest lighter-weight fighters in the world pay tribute to Jens Pulver:

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