Friday, October 30, 2009

Forrest On Why He Chose To Fight Tito: It's All About Starbucks

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It's nice to see Forrest Griffin (16-6) is finally back to his affable old self. Who knew all it would take is a marketable new fight to train for. Anything's better than the grumpy-old-man version of himself that was on display a while back in Griffin's first interview after the Anderson Silva (25-4) incident at UFC 101. If you don't remember it clearly, that "fight" involved Forrest swinging wildly at nothing but air while getting sent to the canvas numerous times. Griffin was finally finished inside one round by a back-peddling jab from the world's best mixed martial artist.

It's a good thing Forrest has finally moved on because he'll need all the positive energy he can muster to prepare himself for a rejuvenated and newly-back-pain-free Tito Ortiz (15-6-1) at UFC 106 (Nov. 21st).

It should be a great fight. Who ya got?

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