Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Great Things Are Always Better Together, Right?

That's right, the UFC recently introduced a poker section on their official website. It may seem a bit uncalled for, but if you're playing free, online hold 'em anyway, I figure you might as well have a chance to win UFC shwag.

I checked the site out for myself and can report that it functions pretty well. My favorite part about it is that you're always automatically entered into a ten-player tournament, as opposed to sitting at/leaving a table as you please. Those of you familiar with play money poker will know, being in a tournament generally makes meat head, interweb gamblers take the game slightly more seriously. You don't have limitless chips in a given day, either, and that also forces players to keep it real. At this stage the site is still a bit buggy, but I'm sure it will run more smoothly as time goes on.

If you see a player named "BCMMAFAN" while you're there then, you guessed it, that's me.

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