Wednesday, December 2, 2009

T.U.F. 10 Final Episode: 2 Hours, 4 Fights, Airs Tonight

The final episode of The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights (T.U.F. 10) will air today
at 6PM/PST and again at 8:00PM/PST on Spike TV. It's a massive two-hour event that features the remaining two fights of the quarter-finals and both semifinals match-ups for a total of four fights.

The two fighters that began the season with the most hype from hardcore MMA
fans, Roy Nelson (13-4) and Brendan Shaub (4-0), are already through to the semi-finals and are awaiting their opponents.

The first quarterfinals match on Wednesday will be between rugged kick boxer
, James McSweeney (3-4) and total headcase/former NFL player, Matt Mitrione (0-0). The word is that Mitrione may be unable to fight due to a head injury and that "Kimbo Slice" (3-1) may step up to take his place, but that could also just be marketing hype. The other quarterfinal match is between massive, submissions fighter, Marcus "The Darkness" Jones (4-1) who is sometimes called "Big Baby" for his mild mannered personality, and Darril Schoonover (10-0) who "Rampage" Jackson has relentless called "Titties" for his obvious man-boobs.

It's clear that SpikeTV
and the UFC wanted to have a big finish just three days out from the T.U.F. 10 Finale on Saturday December, 5th. Even if you haven't been watching much of this season, tonight would be a good time to catch up and to get a primer for Saturday's live finale. As usual, the best fighters have definitely made it to the end.

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