Tuesday, December 22, 2009

B.C. MMA Fan's Happy Holidays Video Spectacular

It's officially the height of the festive season and even B.C. MMA Fan is in the spirit. So much so that we're presenting a video blow-out of holiday clips to carry you through the next few days of family gatherings, present wrapping, and tree trimming. Okay, so most of these videos aren't exactly holiday themed, but, with just a little bit of spin applied, it's easy to convince yourself that they are in order to justify taking half-an-hour or so out of your busy day to watch them.

This first video is definitely Christmas-y, almost nauseatingly so. It features Dave Farra of Raw Vegas visiting the home of former UFC HW champ Frank Mir (13-4). They start out decorating cookies, but they do get down to "talking shop" eventually. It's worth a watch for all you Mir fans out there:

This next video, from MMACanada.net, is less festive, but it does feature the tweenage son of Anderson Silva juggling a mini soccer ball. Actually, the kid is pretty good and looks a lot like his dad. Besides that, it includes a rare look inside the legendary "Black House" training centre. Near the end, there's also a decent extended interview with Brazilian super-manager Ed Soares who addresses Anderson's injuries, handicaps the possible match-up of "The Spider" vs. GSP, and gives both his reactions to Machida vs. "Shogun" I and his thoughts on the rematch:

Next, sit back and enjoy the freaky circus that is Japanese matchmaking in this highlight package of the Super Hulk tournament. The holiday connection is that the conclusion of this tournament takes place on New Year's Eve in Japan at FEG Dynamite 2009!-- it airs live in Canada on HDNet. I won't give too much away, but it features the MMA debut of Jose Canseco (0-1) who entered the cage wearing faded, ghetto, sweat pants to fight the largest, and arguably least coordinated, prize fighter in the world, Hong Man Choi (2-3):

This has been fun, hasn't it? Let's finish off with another family-oriented pair of clips. That's right, it's everyone's favorite pair of smokin' submissions siblings, the Diaz brothers. In these videos, Nick Diaz (20-7, from MMAFanHouse)and Nate Diaz (11-4, from FightMagazine.com) talk about, among other things, their upcoming opponents: Nick will fight DREAM welterweight champion Marius Zaromskis (13-3) in Strikeforce on January 30th, Nate takes on Grey Maynard in a possible lightweight number-one-contender bout against Gray Maynard at Ultimate Fight Night 20 on Spike TV January 11th:

With that, B.C. MMA Fan is taking a few days off. Daily updates will resume starting Boxing Day. 2010 will be a big year for MMA in B.C. and I look forward to providing excellent continued coverage. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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