Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The CSAC Introduces "The Nick Diaz Rule"

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has announced that even if a fighter holds a valid medical marijuana card, they still can't compete in the Golden State with any remnants of the substance in their blood. This is being aptly referred to as "The Nick Diaz Rule" since obtaining a license to smoke up was his latest attempt to thwart the CSAC.

According to the commission:
"Marijuana is a banned substance pursuant to Rule 303 and that any positive drug test may result in discipline. … The California Supreme Court has weighed in on 'medical marijuana' in the employment context and has found that an employer may discipline an employee for off-duty medical marijuana use. The court found that the Compassionate Use Act did not legalize marijuana use per se, but merely provided a defense to criminal charges under particular circumstances."

With this move, a new chapter has been added to the ongoing feud between Nick Diaz (20-7) and the country's various athletic commissions. They've been at odds for years over what Nick feels is his right to smoke-- while the commissions feels it is their duty to stop him. One of the more noteworthy events in this years-long battle came in early 2007 when the Nevada State Athletic Commission stripped Nick Diaz of what was arguably his biggest career win over Japanese lightweight sensation Takanori Gomi (31-5), who was ranked, at the time, among the very best in the world at 155lbs. Diaz finished Gomi with an exotic gogoplata submission in the second round, only to have the fight ruled a No Contest when it reportedly became known that his THC levels were so high that he had probably smoked marijuana on the day of the fight.

According to Nick's longtime friend and head-trainer Ceasar Gracie, in comments to MMAWeekly, what Diaz is doing isn't simple rebellion, it's a civil rights movement:

"I can't stop him. He's an adult man...What can you do, man? Rosa Parks wasn't supposed to ride in the front of the bus. She was supposed to be in the back of that bus. Nick is the Rosa Parks of MMA."
Given B.C.'s reputation as a mecca for Nick Diaz's beloved buds, there is little doubt that at least a few of you out there can sympathize with his plight.

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  1. he IS the rosa parks of mma!! you sit in the front of that bus Nick!!! fight the fucking power!!

    its such a joke (among many farces related to mari jane prohibition) that cali has "Medical Marijuana" laws that, as pointed out above, are nothing more than a "defense... [against] criminal charges [given] particular circumstances." that is to say that the state of cali is clearly going against federal policy (ie. the vacuous and hypocritical so-called "war on drugs") because (as i understand it, im not an expert by any means) any one and their dog can get a "prescription" fairly easily. now, do i think thats awesome? YES! do i think its fucking stupid? YES!!!
    if theres a federal drug policy (ie. that weed, for instance, is inherently evil, brain rotting, garbage) enforce it nationally. the cali system to completely flys in the face of all the war on drugs propaganda and BS.

    the war on drugs WILL NEVER END because its not a fair fight. alcohol prohibition DID NOT WORK. im sure ... err... im fairly confident that most american politicans are aware of this. stop the fucking charade. its hypocritical and plain unintelligent. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ALCOHOL AND CIGARETS KILL EVERY YEAR? according to one source 480 000 IN THE US ALONE!!!! how many does weed kill? i couldn't find a single source that would claim that theres even ONE A YEAR!!! not fucking one!! by modest estimation alc and tabb kills at least a million people world wide every year! heavy drinking kills 33 000 people evry year in the UK. NOT ONE DEATH FROM WEED! GLOBALLY! our government is poisoning and murdering us yet we cant CHOOSE to smoke pot! IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!! ITS A JOKE!!! but the thing is, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING! its a joke but not the knee slapping kind. its the kind that makes supposedly educated, intelligent individuals (politicians) look like malicious, moron, murderers with zero credibility! you could explain this to a six year old and they'd say "thats fucked up!"

    WAKE UP!!!! THIS IS NOT OK!!!!

    ps. i just want to point out that i, honestly, have no problem with drinkers (unless their driving) and smokers, its their choice.