Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Extended Interview With Bas Rutten

Whether they know him as a former UFC Champion, the voice of PRIDE Fighting Championships, the host of HDNet's Inside MMA, Kimbo Slice's former trainer, or, for the kiddies, as that wacky fitness guy who tells them to do push-up while they're trying to get their Sponge Bob on, Bas Rutten has endeared himself to millions of fans around the world.

In this extended, year-end interview with PunchDrunkGamer.com, "El Guapo" talks UFC, Strikeforce, Pride, Fedor, Jon Jones, EA Sports MMA, Steven Seagal, and more.

Here's a small taste:

PDG: You have been in the industry for a long time; going forward how do you think that Strikeforce can differentiate their organization and events from the product that the UFC offers to be successful?

Bas Rutten: That is a very difficult question and the whole trick to the industry; once somebody figures that out, there will be major organizations popping up everywhere. It is just very hard to compete with the UFC right now because of the size and reach of the company. But like I said in the question before, Strikeforce is growing and adding quality fighters and from what I have seen they have the right approach. They keep adding shows and they have a perfect outlet with their partnership with Showtime and that is going to give them a chance to find real and upcoming talent. Then they have the big shows on CBS and if they are able to keep that approach than they have a chance.

PDG: So you would say that the sport has increased in popularity amongst sports fans over the last year?

Bas Rutten: Oh yeah, For sure.

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