Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jones vs. Vera To Air on "VS." Network

As part of a recently announced two-event deal with the "VS." television network, the UFC will not be airing Ultimate Fight Night 21 on Spike TV as per their usual habit. Instead, the awesome main even of Jon Jones vs. Brandon Vera will air on the WEC's traditional home network of VS. on March 21st, 2010. Now, this may seem like petty griping, but I think the UFC has made a bit of a rash and unfortunate decision here. Most Canadians don't even get VS. and a large number of Americans don't either. Even in homes that receive both stations, Spike TV is by far the most watched of the two.

So let's recap, the UFC has gone away from their successful SpikeTV model that everyone was comfortable with to move to another station that very few people get and even fewer care about-- and they're doing all this with an awesome fight that most Canadians may not be able to see at all.

It's one thing when Strikeforce signs with SuperChannel, Bellator gets shown on ESPN Deportes, Dream languishes on HDNet, or even when the WEC finds a home on VS., but UFC fans have come to expect that all the big, non-PPV fights will be readily accessible to the masses, which just isn't true anymore.

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