Monday, December 21, 2009

The State Of MMA In B.C. II: Here Comes The Gold Rush

Following Vancouver City Council's recent 6-3 decision to sanction the sport, albeit on a two-year probationary basis, Mixed Martial Arts is set to explode in British Columbia.

There was never any doubt that a massive fan base exists here and its thirst for live fights is about to be addressed in a big way.

Over the last couple of years, there have only been second-tier fight cards in this province and they have only occurred outside of Victoria and Vancouver. That was then, this is now. As mentioned, Vancouver has opened their floodgates and, according to the Vancouver Sun, Victoria City Council is likely poised to do the same.

Even if they don't, TopMMANews reports that Armageddon Fighting Championships is fully committed to putting on regular, high-profile fights just outside the capital's city limits in Colwood's beautiful Bear Mountain Arena. Adding big cards in B.C.'s major markets will draw increased fan and media attention to the sport, which, in turn, should strengthen MMA cards throughout the province.

As soon as the Winter Olympics wrap up, 2010 could easily become "The Year of MMA" in the B.C. sporting community. Make no mistake, the gold rush is on.

Want proof? Check out the following list of confirmed events, but definitely keep in mind hat promotions of all sizes including Bill Mahood's eXtreme Fighting Championships, Honour Combat Championships, King Of The Cage, and even Canada's biggest and most talent-rich promotion, Maximum Fighting Championship, are probably eager to schedule cards in Vancouver as soon as possible:

  • January 11th: B.C. fighter Rory MacDonald (10-0) is set to make his UFC debut.
  • February 5th: CACSA Western Canadian Amateur Championships in Nanaimo.
  • March 6th: Armageddon Fighting Championships II is planned for Victoria (Colwood).
  • March 6th: A King of The Cage show is planned for Penticton.
  • March 12th: A King Of The Cage show is planned for Nanaimo.
  • April 10th-11th: MMA Trade Show in Vancouver.
  • April 23rd: CACSA National Amateur Championships in Coquitlam.
  • June: The UFC is rumoured to be planning an event for Vancouver's GM Place.
We loyal MMA fans have waited patiently for long enough, it is finally time for British Columbia to claim its rightful place as a mecca for Mixed Martial Arts in this country. Of course, is thrilled to be along for the ride.

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