Friday, February 5, 2010

"Extreme MMA: Western Canadian Amateur Championshps" Quick Results

Event: Extreme MMA: Western Canadian Amateur Championships, Presented by the CACSC.
Location: The Port Theatre in Nanaimo, B.C.
Time: 7:00-9:30pm on Friday, February 3rd, 2010

Quick Results:
[All Fights 1 x 3 minute round]

Featherweight Tournament (135-145lbs):

Round 1:
Ross Walker def. Josh "Bulldog" Brown by TKO, (2:05)
Shane Young Gun" Jung def. Leeam "Desert Evil" Dagan by Submission (RNC)

Round 2:

Ross Walker def. Ronald Edgar by early Judges Decision (due to eye-poke at 2:12)
Oren "Silent But Violent" Hanscomb def. Shane "Young Gun" Jung by Submission (Guillotine)

Final Round:
Oren "Silent But Violent" Hanscomb is ruled the Western Featherweight Champion by N.C. when Walker is unable to continue do to injury.

Lightweight Tournament (146-155lbs.):

Round 1:
Josh Shepherd def. Julian Russ by Submission (Guillotine at 1:24)
Chris "The Rock" McIntosh def. Kelly Poulin by TKO (1:51)

Round 2:
Josh Shepherd def. John "Cave Man" Houston by TKO (0:24)

Final Round:
Josh Shepherd is ruled the Western Lightweight Champion by N.C. when McIntosh is unable to continue do to injury.

Welterweight Tournament (156-170lbs.):

Round 1:
Chris "Mad Dog" Durette def. Evan Dixon by KO (Punch at 1:36)
Don McLeod def. Mike Blumke by TKO (0:22)

Round 2:
Chris "Mad Dog" Durette def. Sampson Barney by Split-Decision (3:00)

Final Round:
Don Mcleod def. Chris "Mad Dog"Durette by TKO (Knee at 0:56) to become Western Welterweight Champion.

Middleweight Tournament (171-185lbs.):

Final Round:
Clayton Brawn def. Garrett Okeymow by KO, (Rd. 1-- scheduled for two rounds due to small bracket) to become Western Middleweight Champion.

Light Heavyweight Tournament (186-205 lbs.):

Round 1:
Ryan "Soldier" Bennett def. Jer "The Jerk" Kornelsen by Decision (3:00)

Final Round:
Stacy "The Russian" Hadikin def. Ryan "Soldier" Bennett by Unanimous Decision to become the Western Light Heavyweight Champion.

Heavyweight Tournament (205-265lbs.):

Round 1:
Byron Toutant def. Garrett "Big Dogg" Van Vaals by Split-Decision (3:00)

Final Round:
Despite not having fought at all that night, Reece Doherty is ruled the Western Heavyweight Champion by N.C. when both Toutant and Van Valls reported unable to continue do to injuries.

Total Number of Fights: 15
Finishes: 12
Finish Rate: %80

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