Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sam Stout Post-Fight Interview

Canadian lightweight Sam Stout discusses his unanimous decision victory over Joe Lauzon at UFC 108 with

I admit was somewhat critical of Stout in my UFC 108: Predictions, saying that he was like a dominant AAA pitcher who may never be successful in the big show, but I couldn't be happier for him. While beating a gassed-out Joe Lauzon to the punch for the last two rounds doesn't prove a whole lot, Stout also showed decent submission defense and an uncanny ability to return to his feet in the first round. That obvious development in his game should enable Stout to compete effectively with a wider variety of fighters going forward.

Then again, the idea of Sam Stout welcoming fellow-striker Takanori Gomi to the UFC causes me to drool uncontrolably.

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