Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GSP's Trainer Faras Zhabi Talks About The Inherent Challenges In Training A Pound-For-Pound Great

Georges St. Pierre (19-2)'s head trainer Firas Zahabi recently sat down for an extended interview with Heavy.com. He talked all things GSP, including the increased attention the reigning champ has brought to Montreal's Tristar Gym, the threats posed by Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy (23-6), and the challenge he faces in finding training partners who can push Georges to his limits. Zahabi will be featured in a second interview at Heavy.com later in the week, in which he will discuss non-GSP related issues such as Zahabi-trained Mike Ricci (5-0)'s recent signing with Bellator Fighting Championship.

Here is an excerpt from the interview, click on it to be taken directly to the entire original rticle:

Heavy.com: How is Georges progressing preparing for Hardy. Is his health where it should be?

Firas Zahabi: It's getting scary. Georges is getting better and better, believe it or not. If I compare him to last year he is far beyond where he was. He's a very scary individual. I can't even put him in with anybody his size. I have to bring in guys who are much bigger, much stronger....

Heavy.com: Who are some of the specific training partners Georges is working with for this fight?

Firas Zahabi: We're going to try to get Gegard Mousasi to come down. Kenny Florian, as usual, is going to be coming down. Jon Jones is going to be coming down, he has a big fight coming up also, against Brandon Vera. Georges just went to Denver for the week. He's with Nate and Rashad. They spent a week here, so Georges will be spending a week there. The whole Greg Jackson team. We'll be working with John Danaher in New York and the Renzo Gracie team. Renzo is getting ready for a fight in Abu Dhabi with Matt Hughes. Ricardo Almeida is getting ready for a fight. So we're all working together in New York, Denver, New Mexico, and Montreal. All these four camps work together.

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