Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Strikeforce: Miami" Quick Results

Quick Results For-- Strikeforce: Miami
Location: Bank Atlantic Centre; Sunrise, Fla.
Date: January 30th, 2010

Main Event:
Diaz def. Zaromskis by TKO, Rd. 1 (4:38)

Main Card:
Santos def. Coenen by TKO, Rd. 3 (3:40)
Walker def. Nagy by TKO, Rd. 3 (2:17)
Lawler def. Manhoef by KO, Rd. 1 (3:33)
Lashley def. Sims by TKO, Rd. 1 (1:11)

Hieron def. Riggs by Unanimous Decision

Ray def. John Clarke by TKO, Rd. 1 (3:14)
Gomez def. Oxley by Unanimous Decision
Alfonso def. Matta by Submission, Rd. 1 (1:47)
Hassan def. Keenan by KO Rd. 2
Kelly def. Homasi by Submission [RNC], Rd. 2

Main Event:

Nick Diaz vs. Marius Zaromskis [For Strikeforce Welterweight Title]
Winner: Diaz by TKO, Rd. 1 (4:38)

  • Both fighters begin with an impressive flurry that Zaromskis, perhaps, gets the best of.
  • Diaz pushes Zaromskis up against the cage and unleashes a barrage of 45+ knees to Zaromskis' legs. Diaz fails in a takedown attempt, returning the fight to a stand-up.
  • Zaromskis lands a powerful punch that knocks Diaz on his butt. Zaromskis then prevents Diaz from standing, while raining blows from above.
  • Diaz manages to stand and almost immediately begins landing with a furious combination of punches from every direction. Zaromskis is hurt and eventually succumbs to the onslaught.

Main Card:

Cristiane Santos vs. Marloes Coenen [For Women's Strikeforce Featherweight Title]
Winner: Santos by TKO, Rd. 3 (3:40)

  • Santos imposes her will early, uses superior strength to muscle Coenen to the ground. She then lands several powerful shots from guard position.10-9 Santos.
  • Coenen fares slightly better in this round, lands some strikes of her own, but Santos lands the cleaner combinations and scores another takedown. 10-9 Santos.
  • Coenen continues to show her toughness with a nice kick and a gutsy takedown attempt. Another combination of punches knocks Coenen to the ground. Santos delivers some parting shots from above to score the TKO.

Greg Nagy vs. Herschel Walker [Catchweight (215lbs.)]
Winner: Walker by TKO, Rd. 3 (2:17)

  • Walker shows solid jab, great takedown defense, secures dominant position, avoids submissions, lands shots. 10-9 Walker
  • Walker unleashes heavy leg kicks, gets side control, drops some heavy shots. 10-9 Walker
  • Walker gets takedown fairly easily, defends armbar well, gets full mount, then back mount, rains down blows until the fight is called.
Our Score:

Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef [Middleweight]
Winner: Robbie Lawler by KO, Rd. 1 (3:33)
  • After a long feeling out period, Manhoef begins landing heavy leg kicks. Soon he is landing with everything: body kicks, hooks, you name it.
  • More devastating leg kicks from Manhoef who looks like he's trying to kick Lawler's leg clean off.
  • Manhoef opens up for a finishing flurry, but is suddenly KO'ed courtesy of a right hook from Lawler. Manhoef is out cold. Lawler is limping badly, but wins impressively.

Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims [Heavyweight]
Winner: Bobby Lashley by TKO, Rd. 1 (1:11)

  • Lashley easily scores a takedown. Hits Sims with a series of short shots to the head. Sims shows a unique and impressive guard, but is soon pounded out.
  • Lashley wins without too much trouble, but Sims dislikes the stoppage and should be commended for stepping up on limited notice.

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