Friday, January 15, 2010

Programming Reminder: "The Best of PRIDE" Debuts Tonight on SpikeTV at 7:00 PM/PST

When the UFC acquired their largest contemporary competitor, Japan's PRIDE Fighting Championships, in 2007 the also gained ownership of their vast video library. To date, Zuffa has used that footage to market fights featuring former PRIDE stars and has sold countless DVDs of the many now-classic PRIDE events. Starting tonight, a new venture utilizing that classic footy begins with the UFC's premier cable partner, SpikeTV.

Airing weekly on Friday nights at 7:00 pm/PST, with replays throughout the week, The Best of PRIDE will be similar in format to Spike's current UFC Unleashed program. It will feature classic fights that will be introduced by a host. Only this time, instead of Mike Goldberg on the mike, the UFC has gone with the very babe-alicious Maxim model Kenda Perez.

For those out there who first got into MMA following The Ultimate Fighter 1, not that there is shame in that, this show offers a chance to see fights from the couch that we have only read about or witnessed in grainy internet video. For PRIDE's remaining hardened supporters, who insist that any ring entrance with out fireworks and "the screaming lady" is not worth their time, this is a chance to relive the glory days.

Either way, as an MMA fan, how can ou go wrong?

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