Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Surprise: Rory MacDonald Hopes To Fight at UFC 115 In Vancouver

The subject of this site's very first post, Kelowna B.C. Native and former King of The Cage World Champion Rory MacDonald (9-0)will make his UFC debut on the preliminary card of Monday's Ultimate Fight Night 20.

His Opponent, fellow King Of The Cage alumni Mike "The Joker" Guymon (11-2), comes into the bout with more years of experience, but odds makers are still favoring MacDonald. With good reason, too. Rory MacDonald is undefeated and has beaten every fighter put in front of him by either (T)KO or submission. There is really no telling where the ceiling is for him, but this fight should reveal a good deal about his chances as a future contender because Guymon is by far his most dangerous and well-rounded opponent to date. Perhaps the biggest difference between them is that the thirty-five-year-old Guymon is a full fifteen years older than MacDonald who is one of the youngest competitors ever to step into the octagon.

Unsurprisingly, MacDonald has already expressed interest in fighting on the UFC 115 card in Vancouver. With an impressive win at UFN 20, MacDonald could even be looking at a main card slot at GM Place in June.

The following is an excerpt from an interview MacDonald recently gave with, which can be accessed HERE or clicking on the words below:

Nate Lawson ( You are set to make your UFC debut against Mike Guymon at UFN 20. What do you know about your opponent and what have you done specifically to prepare for this kind of fighter?

Rory MacDonald: I know he’s a strong guy. He’s older. He’s like 35. He’s like 15 years older than me. So he’s gonna be a big strong guy. Besides that, I don’t think technically he is going to be too much of a surprise for me. How I prepared for him is pretty much how I prepare for every other fight. Just train.

... ...

Nate Lawson ( Well you are fighting this Monday night. Where do you see yourself after this fight with a win?

Rory MacDonald: If I win, I want to fight in Vancouver. That’s close to my hometown and, yeah, I’d love to fight there.

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