Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah Kaufman Speaks About The Public's Need For Education On Women's MMA

Victoria, B.C. native Sarah Kaufman (10-0) has been making the media rounds since it was announced that she would be facing Takayo Hashi (12-1) for the vacant Strikeforce women's world 135lb. title. The two professional fighters are ranked #1 and #2 in the world respectively and will clash at Strikeforce Challengers VI on February 26th.

In an exclusive interview with, Sarah identified herself as a trailblazer of sorts. She explained that she hopes he upcoming fight will help to dispel some common misconceptions people have about women's MMA, such as the notion that there aren't any weight classes, which, of course, there are.
"I think it's going to help fans understand it's not just females fighting, there are divisions...Probably my most common question that I get, ‘When are you fighting, first it was Gina (Carano), and now it's when are you fighting Cyborg?’ Cause they don't really understand that there are different divisions, and we need to promote them as different, just as you would for the guys."

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