Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gray Maynard Unenthusiastic About Fighting Penn; Should Another UFC Lightweight Step Up?

In this interview with Sherdog.com, Ultimate Fight Night 20 main event winner Gray Maynard is refreshingly realistic both about his lackluster performance against Nate Diaz and his slim chances of beating BJ Penn at this stage of his development.

The similarly matched skills of Diaz and Maynard raises the bigger question of whether anyone in the UFC lightweight division is ready for a shot at Penn. It is very arguable that "The Prodigy" has already cleaned out the best of the 155'ers and should be given at least one showcase fight at welterweight. This would give a credible number one contender a chance to emerge.

I would suggest putting on Frankie Edgar vs. Kenny Florian in New Jersey at UFC 113 (March 27th) then having the winner face Gray Maynard this summer. Whoever comes out of that three-man mini tournament would be the most deserving in the division by far, which is kind of what you want from a title challenger.

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