Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Efrain Escudero's Arm Is Okay...Somehow

Despite staying in a fully locked-in armbar for what seemed like an eternity, perhaps waiting to see if his opponent, Evan Dunham, would just get bored of inflicting pain, Efrain Escudero reports via his twitter.com account that
his arm is not broken. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for the guy, but I remain perturbed by the sense that he learned nothing from all this.

Escudero also says he expects to get a second shot at Dunham, which simply can not be endorsed. Yes, it was somewhat close, but Evan won the second round and finished the fight conclusively. If UFC fighter were granted rematches every time the wished they hadn't lost we would never get anywhere. Nice try Efrain, but I have to break it to you-- next time out you will have to work some things out on the undercard, while Evan moves on to bigger and better things.

From Efrain Escudero's Twitter page:

Hey guys out the hosiptal nothing broke lil mess up tendenes. I will be back soon now in hungry!! And expect and Evan vs Efrain 2!!!

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