Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dana White Video Round-Up

If you want to know about the UFC there are few better place to get new information than straight from the horse's mouth. Dana White has come to embody the organization to the point that is has become difficult to think of one apart from the other. To some, that's a problem given Dana's history of brash comments and behavior, but a great number UFC fans wouldn't take him any other way.

With that said, let the video round-up begin.

Dana White and Dan Henderson share a laugh at MMA Awards from Ariel Helwani on Vimeo.

Here Dana was caught chumming around with former employee Dan Henderson who will now ply his trade as a member of the Strikeforce roster.

Here he explains his respect and admiration for outspoken WWE front man and CEO Vince McMahon. Dana also reaffirms that, while he respects all that McMahon has achieved, he doesn't view him as direct competition, nor does he expect to win a head-to-head ratings match up against Raw this Monday night when UFN 20 airs on Spike TV.

In this video we see Dana embrace his multicultural side as he discusses Japanese fighting sensations Shiya Aoki and Takanori Gomi, the latter of whom recently signed a UFC contract and will soon begin competing at lightweight.

Finally, we find Mr. White in "closed door" negotiations with champion heavyweight boxer James Toney about the possibility of his fighting in the UFC. Toney has had some success in his career, but fizzled in recent fights. It was Toney who approached Dana about the possibility of making his MMA debut in the big show, but it's something the UFC must approach carefully. After all, Dana White has been a leading critic of freak-show fights in the past.

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