Thursday, November 19, 2009

Machida vs. "Shogun" II Set For May, 1st in Montreal

According to Yahoo Sports, The rematch between the UFC's light heavyweight champion, Lyoto "The Dragon Machida" Machida (16-0), and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (18-4) is now set for May, 1st in Montreal, Quebec.

In the post-fight press conference that took place after Lyoto Machida defeated "Shogun" Rua by a highly-controversial unanimous decision at UFC 104, UFC President Dana White announced that there would be an immediate rematch. Originally, White was targeting UFC 108, the year-end show on January 2nd, 2010, but a hand injury sustained during the five-round'er with "Shogun" made Machida unable to fight so soon. Now the two officially have a date to renew acquaintances in Montreal, Quebec on May 1st, 2010.

This is the first I've heard that another UFC is scheduled for Montreal this spring and it puts a bit of a damper on the rumour that the organization is coming to Vancouver in June, 2010. Would they really stage two shows in Canada so close together? I doubt it, but anything's possible.

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