Friday, November 27, 2009

Georges St-Pierre Intends To Quit While He's Ahead

In a wide-ranging discussion with,UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre discusses his plan to retire well before his body absolutely forces him to:

"It's very hard for a boxer or a mixed martial arts fighter to retire on top," St-Pierre said. "What you need to do is listen to your entourage. When your entourage tells you, 'Georges, you have beaten everybody. I think you're on top now. I think if you lose or if you wait a little bit more, maybe you can take a risk to retire on the bottom or affect your well-being' – when something like that happens to me, when my close friends or people in my entourage start telling me that, I'm going to start thinking about retirement."

Of course, the goal of quitting on top is a lot easier to say while you're young, than it is to actually do when you're old. Just ask Chuck Liddell... and Matt Hughes.

For the entire interview, click here.

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