Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spike To Air Live Prelim Fights For UFC 106

As has become a fairly frequent offering from the UFC and Spike, two fights from the under card of UFC 106 are set to air live on Spike this Saturday (Nov. 21st) starting at 6:00pm/PST.

The first time this was done was preceding UFC 103 this September; the second time was at UFC 104 in October. After skipping UFC 105, because the entire main card was shown on Spike, they've teamed up yet again to bring MMA fans Marcus Davis (16-5) vs. Ben Saunders (7-1-2) and Kendall Grove (10-6) vs. Jake Rosholt (6-1). All four guys are fairly exciting fighters, which should make for some solid action on Spike.

I can't emphasize enough how thrilled I am that Spike and the UFC have continued bringing us live fights before pay-per-view events. Not only does it mean that my night of MMA-watching goodness is extended significantly, it also increases the likelihood that every undercard fight will eventually be shown either on Spike or via tape-delay during the PPV broadcast. On top of that being awesome for the fans, it's also great for the fighters because many sponsors pay more if a fight is televised.

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