Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poster For 'King Of The Cage: Catalyst" In Vernon

I'll be focusing on UFC 106: Ortiz vs. Griffin for the next two days or so, but please let the nifty poster on the left stand as evidence that I haven't forgotten about the upcoming King Of The Cage show in Vernon.

The show, which has recently been dubbed "Catalyst," takes place at Vernon's +3000 capacity Westbild Centre and tickets are now available in various locations around town. I already wrote a short post on the main event between Jason Volpe (5-2) and Ryan Chiappe (4-5) that you can check out right here.

The rest of the card is as follows, but is, of course, subject to change:

Main Event
Ryan Chiappe vs Jason Volpe
*** for KOTC Canada Middleweight title

Main Card

Chang Hyun Kim vs Vinicius Lemos

Graham Spencer vs Wesley Neil

Brian Coldwell vs Del Melnyk

Mike Adams vs TBA

Matt Bagshaw vs Brad Causley

Clay Davidson vs TBA

Rakan Khatib vs Joe Verbeetan

Mike Reid vs Travis Phang

Sam Flood vs Jeremy Smerek

Jordan Kippelberg vs Darcy James

Brendan Frost vs Upneet Rai

Ethan Owusa vs Ryan Billingal

Amateur MMA

Nick Ghaeni vs CJ Bragg

Curran Allen vs Cam Deleurme

Tyson Vietch vs Jason Clements

Also, check out this video, which, if a bit lacking in specifics, at least proves these fights are real:

I'll be covering this event six ways from Sunday starting, well... this Sunday. So buckle up for that.

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